How To Install/Remove Keylocking Brass Threaded Inserts?

brass pipe fittingsManufacturers of keylocking brass threaded inserts are producing more items for their offline and online clients. The keylocking designs of threaded inserts are used for repairing stripped, worn out or damaged threads quickly. These components are also used in original equipment to strengthen threads in soft metal, such as aluminium or magnesium. The threaded inserts made of brass and other metals are simply crafted and easy to install and remove. Users don’t required any special drills, pre-winder tools, or taps for installation.

Features of threaded inserts:

  • Each threaded insert construction offers high degree of pull-out strength.
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Keys offer a positive mechanical lock against rotation
  • No need of pre-winder tool
  • No tang to break off
  • Threaded inserts used in several types of material
  • Threaded inserts for certain uses are available in blind end, floating, solid, and cast-in configuration.
  • Industrial style inserts can be bought in wholesale or kits.

Installation of threaded inserts can be done by following steps-

  1. Use standard tap for drilling and countersink with a standard 82 degree- 100 degree countersink.
  2. Use a standard tap for new threads.
  3. Screw the thread in the insert below the surface.
  4. Drive the keys down using hammer taps on the proper installation tool.
  5. Install the insert properly.

How to uninstall threaded inserts?

You must follow below steps to remove inserts without damage:

  1. Drill out material between internal thread and keys using standard drill to certain depth.
  2. Bend the keys inward and break off
  3. Remove the old component or insert with the help of screw extractor
  4. Install the new insert at the place and drive keys down.

In this way, you can install or uninstall keylocking brass threaded inserts.

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