Basic Brass Pool Cover Anchors Used By Customers

Ranging from popup anchor, screw type anchor, wall anchor, to springs, there are more than five types of brass pool cover anchors used by customers across the world.brass_pool_cover_anchor

Starting With Popup Anchor

The design of popup anchor was intended with the concept of the pool cover. With efforts of many engineers, the design was redone because of better manufacturing technology capabilities and this result in superior production of pool cover anchor.

Manufacturers of anchors offer two types of anchors in general. So, every time when you are in need of popup anchor, you must ask or request this from your dealer.

Screw Type Anchor

It is mostly used in industries and effective. All pool cover anchors will lay flush with your deck when not in operation. Solid brass pool covers anchors or screw type anchors will lay flush when you are not using them.

Wood Deck Anchor

Such anchors are designed to go into wood or composite decks. Wood deck anchors are simple, better in use.

Wall Anchor

Stainless steel anchors or wall anchors let the user to make shallow holes into rock solid walls.


 Springs are significant parts of complete safety cover system. You can collect as much as you want from manufacturers.

All these anchors come under the category of brass pool cover anchors. You can get them at best rates by approaching reliable vendor of your town. Some offshore vendors are also available in the market exporting their entire range across the globe.

You can find such manufacturer and get great deals. Vatsalya Metals is among pioneer suppliers of brass fittings. You can avail pool cover anchors, fittings, springs, and other parts from them. The products are made of fine quality material. You won’t need to worry about quality and performance.