How To Test The Performance Of Brass Threaded Inserts?

00-08The producers and makers of brass threaded inserts use different methods to check the performance of the inserts. They take help of three methods- tensile strength method, rotational torque method, and rotational and tensile applied opposite headed end method.

Each of these methods involves different tools and techniques to test the performance of the inserts. In this article, we will discuss about them briefly and make you understand how to check the performance of the threaded inserts used in different applications.

The Tensile Strength (Pull-Out)

The axial force is needed to pull the Insert out of the plastic material. You can perform this test using a specialized tensile testing machine. Professionals recommend using a load curve for analysis job.

Rotational Torque

In this method, you need to rotate the insert in the plastic material. While performing this, the friction between the screw head and mating component offers an extra safety factor. You can use a calibrated torque wrench for this testing method.

Rotational And Tensile Applied Opposite Headed End

This method is well-suited for high tensile load applications. You need to give apt consideration to friction between the screw head and mating part.

Factors That Influence Insert Performance

  • Insert type
  • Design
  • Quality of insert features
  • Plastic specifications
  • Design and quality of the plastic components
  • Installation method and quality

Manufacturers intend and design the inserts to maximize and balance tensile and rotational torque performance. They pay special attention to knurl and thread quality as it helps in enhancing performance further. Quality control helps in assuring the consistency of performance.

Also, it is important to practice correct installation settings for good performance of insert. Improper installation may put the system at risk and can have devastating effects on performance.

This is how manufacturers of brass threaded inserts check and test the performance of their products. If you also want to try such methods, ask for professional assistance from experts like Vatsalya today!